Topic: Geek Code ++

Suggestion for future version of the geek code:


S++++ I am Michael Hanig
S+++  As a real geek don't feel like participating in any social groups
S++   I am aware of social networks in the world wide web but hadn't the time to sign up
S+    I was invited or caught from the Kraken+ (Google+)
S     I am on Facebook because everyone is
S-    My MySpace is totally pimped out
S--   I am social since StudiVZ/MeinVZ/...
S---  I am registered at least at one of the other countless social networks, not necessarily active
S---- I am Mark Zuckerberg

Additionally, if someone does make a list of the social networks currently operating on the world wide web, anyone would be able to add one or more characters representing the network(s) he or she is in. For example:

g Google+
f Facebook
s MySpace
v *VZ

and so on.

It is like the number zero… empty, yet holding infinite potential within itself.
- Igor, Persona 4