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Modify <punBB_root>/include/template/main.tpl:
Look for "<!-- forum_head -->"

<!-- forum_head -->
<!-- add here --><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="print" href="http://<URL_to_forum>/style/print.css" />

Add to <punBB_root>/style/print.css:

/* by MH */    
#brd-head, #brd-navlinks, #brd-visit,
.main-head, .main-foot,
.posthead, .post-author, .postfoot,
.main-subhead, #brd-qpost,
#brd-pagepost-top, #brd-pagepost-end, #brd-about { display:none; }
h4 { font-size:150%; }
h5 { font-size:130%; }
ul li p:before { content:"● "; margin-left:-0.8em; }
ul li { margin-left:1.2em; }
.codebox { border:1px solid black; padding:10px; overflow:visible; }
.entry-content a:link:after, .entry-content a:visited:after {
   content: " (" attr(href) ") ";
   font-size: 90%;
  • removes most elements around the post for better printing

  • better list view

  • better code view

  • adds URL from links within the post